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vertimixVertical Head Mixer 

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Innovating the turbo emulsifier head technology

After years of research and development, we are proud to annouce this product that has radically redesigned the mixing concept. With our turbomixer, the advantages are:

  • More aerated and light without the use of an additive
  • Perfect homogenisation of the different ingredients, no product heating during the foaming in order to prevent product alteration (many proteins are very sensitive to heat)
  • Good Control of the specific weight, with the possibility to aerate premised batter or cream containing pieces inside, such as, almonds, nuts, peanuts, macadamia, diced fresh fruit, jams with seeds, poppy seeds, and chocolate chips
  • The possibility to inject in liquid colors, flavorings, liquid baking agents in various points, instead of powders.
  • The possiblity to foam different types of ingredients and to incorporate egg yolks and sugar in a head and egg whites in another

The new Vortimix technology is a flexible and reliable answer compared to the complicated and expensive solutions from the past.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we have created this new technology. Our principle is based on the vertical positioning of the mixing head, in order to make the most out of the 'spring effect' produced by the product inlet in the mixing room. This simple principle of the fluid dynamics was essential to us, and it has been the strongest point of our success. The product enters into the mixing head from the lower level and it immediately fills completely. Even when working with a doough at high specific weight, the force of gravity does not exert it's action, as it would in the head on a horizontal axis.

A unifrom distribution of the product allows a higher yield of the mixing head and a better homogenisation of the ingredients with the gas added.

The final product is distinguished by a perfect alveolar structure, which is much more uniform and compact than usual. By optimizing the air/product ratio, we are able to obtain a much better density than one obtained with the traditional system. The action of the heat transferring fluid is improved in comparison to a horizontal head, because the fluid is continuously cooled by an external unit. The fluid enters in the double wall of the mixing head from the top, to create a counter current to the product flow. The mechanism increases the heat transer by more than 20% (compared to a traditional system). Our units can be equipped with advanced automatic thermoregulationsystems suitable for every product type.

Turbomixer Head