Gorreri Sponge Cake Line

High Technology for a Product of High Value


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Gorreri logoThe sponge cake batter distributor goes directly on the steel oven belt, and the device has the ability to work at room temperature, and without pressure in order to keep batter thickness accurate and constant. The manifold that distributes the batter inside the unit hopper is mounted on a swinging pneumatic cylinder in order to obtain an even distribution of the batter.

Cuttersonic adds the superior edge by providing several product cutting solutions through ultrasound horns at high frequency in order to obtain very sharp edge that avoids accumulation of dirtiness on the blades, product squeezing or crumbs.

Special Products

Product Decoration

Gorreri has developed it's own sophisticated system of cake enrobing using liquid chocolate substitute through a heat exchange, linear cooling tunnel, and a string decoration device capable of different patterns.

Grain Distributor

Distribute mixed nuts, diced candy fruit, and chocolate drops. Our device can top with shaved chocolate, cocoa powder, candies, icing and many other options.

Product Painting

Paint the top of the sponge cake with a layer of liquid chocolate or shortening.

Different Layout Solutions


Option 1 Baking oven and cooling conveyor are put on the same floor, the cooling conveyor is overhead, placed on the working table top.


Option 2 The baking over is placed on a mezzaine structure, the cooling conveyor is placed under the oven mezzaine, and the cooling conveyor exit is placed in line with the working table.


Option 3 The baking oven is placed on a higher level floor, the cooling conveyor takes the sponge cake carpet to a lower floor where the working table is installed.