VR Food Equipment is a diverse company with a 30 plus year history of assisting food processing plants with project development, execution, start up and after sales support. In addition, logistical support is provided for a door to door seamless execution of project orders.

We offer select machinery for both processing and packaging lines:  Our vendors include but are not limited to:  Bertocchi, Alfa Laval, ABL, Inox-Fer, FBL.

We provide equipment for: Puree and Juice extraction from Frozen (IQF) Cold (Whole Fresh) and Hot (Cooked) Fruits and Vegetables Cold and Hot Deaeration systems (along with brix control), Thermal enzymatic deactivation skids (EOS) for low to high viscosity products (Bertocchi), Aseptic Bag in Box, Drum and Tote aseptic processing lines for Low and High Acid applications (Alfa Laval), Fresh Peeling lines to handle apples, pears, citrus fruit, vegetables, for slices & chunks to meet the demands of the fresh pack industry (ABL), Complete blending and batching systems (Inox-Fer), Complete Filling lines (Cans & Glass) from depalletizing to palletizing (FBL).


  • Project Development – Our in-house project development team works with your team along with our vendors engineering group to assure the equipment being considered meets the objective of your project. We offer a full pilot plant in Farmington, NY. Customer can vet their processing needs to prove out viability of the considered equipment.
  • Execution – We work with you from day one to assure that all questions, concerns, project drawings, FAT tests, shipment and delivery dates are met and answered to facilitate a smooth startup of the equipment / line.
  • Startup – We provide member(s) from our team to be onsite during the startup phase of your project. We work with your teams staff and coordinate with vendors technicians for smooth startup that assures the provided machinery is performing as intended.
  • After Sales Support – In house engineers can provide onsite mechanical support following the installation. Spare parts supply available at our warehouse in Farmington, NY for the majority of our vendors