Pilot Plant

Pilot Lab Ready For Testing

VR Food Equipment has sold, installed, and serviced hundreds of machines for our customers over the last 30 years. We believe one of the most important decisions a customer can make is to test their products and processes on an actual machine before making a purchase. We offer product testing at our pilot lab facility to customers. Additionally, we can prepare and package your product to send back to you for further evaluation and analysis.  We offer the following machines available for this service:

Alfa Laval Piccolo Non-Aseptic Bag-in-Box Filler

  • Automatic Volumetric Filler with Manual Bag Feed with 1”Fitments
  • Ideal for a Wide Range of Liquids and Viscous Pumpable Products
  • Can Work with a Wide Variety of Fitment/Cap Types & Bags

BERTOCCHI Ultra Cold / Frozen Extraction System including:

  • UVFX2 Ultra Variable Speed Cold / Frozen Extraction Turbo Extractor
  • DEA Cold Deaeration System
  • EOS TT thermal system

System Utilized for:  HPP / Baby Foods / Apple Sauce / Vegetable Puree / IQF Processing

Interested in Pilot Plant Testing?