Product Testing to Showcase Bertocchi!

VR Food Equipment is pleased to announce that we will be conducting internal product testing in February and March 2021 on a variety of fruits and vegetables to showcase the new features on the Bertocchi line of Turbo Extractors.

With the latest innovations for improved performance, washing, and maintenance, Bertocchi continues to lead the industry in manufacturing technology for producing the very best purees, juices, smoothies, and concentrates from a wide variety of frozen, cold, or hot fruits and vegetables.

The BERTOCCHI System brings several advanced features, most of them being patent-covered, including:

  1. Variable Speed Rotopulse to cut and soften the whole fruit, with independent motor and adjustable speed to get the maximum performance with different kind of fruit/vegetables in terms of consistence, product texture/grain, and extraneous particles reduction.
  2. Patented dynamic rotor design for the best extraction efficiency only by means of centrifugal force.
  3. In line Cold Deaeration System at high vacuum degree to remove air from the puree at ambient temperature, specially designed to give a high-efficiency deaeration to reduce the pectolitic and oxidative enzymes activity.
  4. Ultrarapid Inactivation System, based on high rate circulation circuit with indirect steam heat exchangers, with high thermal efficiency and low inner volume to minimize thermal treatment time if required.

The testing will be conducted at our onsite pilot plant on a variety of products throughout the month of February.  If you are interested in evaluating our solutions on a specific fruit and or vegetable, we invite you to contact us to discuss. We are happy to accommodate requests.

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