It’s no surprise that the Alfa Laval High-Speed Low Acid bag-in-box filler for juices, beverages, purees, and dairy products is popular with customers. When we look at the market for bag-in-box equipment demand, it is expected that it will grow by CAGR of 6.5% and reach and estimated 5.5 billion USD by 2027 as reported by Grand View Research in February of 2020. From a production standpoint, there are many factors to consider when looking at your options for a bag-in-box filler. Hygiene and Safety should always be a given and at the top of the list for consideration. These are areas that all reputable suppliers address in accordance with local, state, and country regulations. But what about the day-to-day operational costs of actually operating the filler? After all, you cannot supply product with just a machine, you need the bags and caps to be able to run production.


In addition to many industry-leading features, the Alfa Laval HS-LA filler also offers a unique advantage of flexibility when it comes to bag selection. After all, the cost of bags over time will far outweigh the initial expenditure of the actual filling machine. With some vendors, you are required to use their specific bag/caps to run your filler in exchange for a lower capital outlay for the filler. This can help from a lower startup cost perspective but what about long-term operational expenses and vendor choice? Most companies that purchase a filler do so with the intention of staying in a market for the long term. Additionally, with the pandemic-related supply issues that are happening everywhere, it can be a serious concern when it comes to bag availability and supply.

With the Alfa Laval HSLA filler you are not required to use a specific manufactures bag and cap. In fact, the filler works with any type of international standard one-inch spouts. This offers the flexibility to source supplies from many vendors and not be locked into one supplier to rely on for the production of your products. The filler not only offers this flexibility as a standard feature , it also offers exceptional levels of hygiene, performance, reliability , and design. If you are in the market for a filler of this type or would like to know more about the Alfa Laval HS-LA Filler and VR Food Equipment please explore this site to learn more.

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