Thinking about testing a new product or process but you don’t have the capacity or human resources at your site?  This is a common challenge for food producers and one that can result in missed opportunities on taking advantage of changing customer demand.  Other scenarios involve using outdated and inefficient equipment to produce product because making a transition to a new platform is quite a daunting and risky move.  Will the new platform meet or exceed our expectations?  How will our downstream processes change as a result of upgrading part of the production line? Will our operators adjust to the new production methodology? 

When considering a major change to your process and upgrading your production machinery, an important consideration is the ability to perform product testing on the actual equipment that you may be interested in adopting.  At VR Food Equipment, we have always believed this is a key requirement in a new equipment evaluation project and we provide this opportunity at our facility with our Bertocchi UVFX2 Ultra Variable Speed Cold / Frozen Extraction Turbo Extractor.

The UVFX2 accepts your cold or frozen fruits, vegetables, and legumes to produce the exact consistency, viscosity, and solids level that you require.  For over 30 years Bertocchi has manufactured the most innovate line of extraction equipment to allow customer the ability to produce the highest quality purees with exceptional yields. Additionally, the option to test cold deaeration and enzymatic deactivation processes are available and offer a key differentiator to our customers. Our testing methodology has helped many of our customers throughout the years to provide the confidence in the equipment they would be adopting and the certainty that their investment will yield their desired results.

Capital improvements projects can be a daunting undertaking and part of the process should be testing your product on any new platform. We share this philosophy at VR Food Equipment and invite you to discuss this more and how our free product testing service will help you make the best product purchase decision!

Are you looking into testing?  We’re here to help.