The PDS/R can Orientate, Peel, Core, and is capable of cutting apples into different sizes. The PDS/R is available in different models to process up 25, 50, 75, or up to 100 apples per minute. The peeler ensures a high quality standard of finished product, by keeping the color, taste and consistency is unchanged.

One of the advantages of the PDS/R is that we have the ability to peel different varieties of apples and also all different shapes. The machines offer several cutting options from Coring, Chunks, Slices, and it can also cut the apples into 2 or 16 segments.

All these options besides slicing, can be combined with the seed cell option, as well as with the peeling option simply by pressing one button. Each machine is equipped with automatic and timed lubricating system and centralized greasing (Automatic Greasing is an option and comes highly recommended).

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