Recently, research on the use of ozone generating equipment in storehouses for the removal of ethylene has raised doubt about its effectiveness.  The issue of concern was found to be in the release of ozone immediately into the air, as this gas is known to have dangerous effects on human health.  For that reason, it was highly recommended to use equipment that does not disperse ozone throughout the storage area.

Human health standards (OSHA, NIOSH) require that workers should not be exposed to an average ozone concentration above 0.1 ppm for more than 8 hours. The challenge being that when used at concentrations that don’t exceed public health standards, ozone applied to indoor air doesn’t effectively remove ethylene.

Human safety factor is one of the main reasons why Miatech’s Bio Turbo uses a patented technology of employing ozone that removes ethylene and airborne pathogens without exposing people or equipment to the risk of ozone contamination.

The patented Bio Turbo technology doesn’t directly release ozone to the air. Instead, the gas is locked inside the system where all decontamination processes are carried out internally. Added security measures are taken in the form of automatic switches which ensure that no ozone can be released into the environment in the case of system failure.

Bio Turbo cleans the air throughout the four-stage process:

The air filter removes dust and visual particles from the air.

An anti-microbial chemical is applied to the surface of a specially designed disrupter. It works by rupturing the outer membrane of the cells that make up these airborne pathogens. With efficiency rates of 99.5%+, this process stops their normal life development, thus destroying the cells.

This chamber uses the positive effects of ozone to eliminate ethylene gas. The ozone is safely contained within this chamber and not dispersed throughout the storage area.

In this final stage, a catalyst is used to change the ozone into clean oxygen. The catalyst creates a reaction that breaks down the ozone molecule. From here the clean oxygen is released back into the environment.

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