Coring and Cutting DDL40

The Coring and Cutting DDL40 can be used for peppers.

This machine uses self-centering cups to pass peppers through a customizable, multi-step process. The operation begins with coring, in which the stalk, internal membranes, and majority of seeds are removed using a rotating blade (easily replaceable and available in various diameters). The machine operator can then choose between water and air-spray options to remove any remaining seeds. Once transferred to the cutting area, the peppers can be kept whole, or cut into halves or quarters. The DD40 is supplied with a small belt for the extraction of the cores, and a second conveyor belt for the processed product. The machine comes standard with all safety devices necessary for machine operators, requires only one feeding operator, processes up to 46 pieces/minute, works with irregular/asymmetric peppers, and has a high yield rate: average of 80% and up.


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