American English WML5 For Watermelons

The Watermelon Line WML5 PDS/R can be used for watermelons and is composed of a Watermelon slicer and a Watermelon chunker.  With unique peeling/cutting technology, covered by an international patent, Watermelons are manually fed into the machine, sliced to desired size, producing a watermelon slice where the skin is still on. Once loaded, the fruit size is automatically detected, the fruit dimension is available, guillotine knives start to slice the watermelon making sure that the two extremities are eliminated. Thanks to the fact that the slices still have the skin on, it is extremely easy for a second operator to place the watermelon slices onto the second part of the machine. A camera system individually recognizes the slice dimension as well as the flash size, and each slice is transferred to the correct size grid blade assembly, which not only cuts the watermelon into perfectly sized chunks or spears, but it will also remove the skin.  Only one operator is needed for product feeding with the possibility to produce chunks as well as spears at the same time keeping them separated at the machine exit, with a high yield rate: up to 45% product yield.

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