The CX Series is designed to extract pureé from whole fruits and vegetables at room temperature. The CX Series removes seeds, skins, stems and small pits during the extraction. With the CX Series, pesticides on the skin are removed before going into the solution with the pureé. The CX Extractor also possesses technology which avoids the oxidation of the fruit which is being cut.

In addition, the CX Extractor provides compelling yields without subjecting the product to high temperatures needed in hot extraction. A hot extraction process can lead to a finished product with a burnt taste. The pureé produced by the CX Cold Extration is lighter in color and is better flavored than the cooked alternative.

The operation of ROTOPULSE™, a patented technology, allows the CX Extractor to handle the hardest fruit with yields comparable with the hot extraction.

The operation features of the CX Extractor are both easy to use and simple to maintain. The machine was built with particular attention to the operator’s safety and the ease in doing quick maintenance requirements.

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