Ideal for food and beverages

Alfa Laval Astepo Grande non-aseptic bag-in-box filling systems are in widespread use all over the world for filling bags with liquids such as wine, water and other shelf-stable products, dense sauces such as mayonnaise and tomato ketchup, post-mix products, syrups and vegetable oils. There are also special versions available for production set-ups with particular hygiene standard requirements, and particular flexibility needs.

Quick-swap versatility

These filling systems are designed for easy operation and minimal maintenance, and to make it easy to quickly swap between different bag sizes. They can operate with a wide range of different bag and spout types, including dispenser taps for wines or syrups.

Easy integration with carton box system

Grande bag-in-box filling systems can also be linked up to automatic Alfa Laval Astepo Combibox cartoning lines (featuring sealing with either hot-melt glue or adhesive tape). An effectively integrated bag-in-box filling and cartoning process line takes up less space and gives you maximum versatility.

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