This New Rotary Piston Filler represents the Best State of the Art Technology available today with the following advantages:

Filling Accuracy Rate

Accuracy is within +/- 1%

Contamination Protection

The Filler is completely enclosed in tempered glass doors and panels with HEPA filtrations system to avoid any potential product contaminations.

Wide Range of Products to be Processed

Rotary Filler has the flexibility to work with a wide range of containers with simplistic change over. Product characteristics is also wide ranging having the ability to works with Mayonnaise, Mustards, Ketchup, Fruit Puree, Juices, Sauces, Honey, Spreadable Chocolate and Cheese, Jam with and without pieces, Marmalades, Baby Foods.

Automatic CIP System

Filler has a fully functional CIP system that can be utilized during production for ease of product change over and provides simple means of setting up a variety of CIP cycles to meet customer needs

Broken Jar Detection

There is an automatic system built-in to detect broken jars.

Accurate Filling Adjustment and Mixing from the PLC

Bottom-up system; to guarantee a perfect filling operation and avoid air bubbles or foaming problems. Machine with a special program which includes the feed-back from the check weigher to adjust automatically the cam and the stroke of the pistons. Automatic motorized stirrer control by Inverter to mix the product based on your recipes. Possibility to memorized in the PLC up to 350 different recipes.

Automatic Adjustability of Height & Filling Nozzles

Possibility to use different filling nozzles (according to the products) with quick release and easy assembly. Quick format change over, with automatic height adjustment from the HMI.

Double Jacketed Tank & Stainless-Steel

Double jacket main tank with temperature control (via water recirculation). All material in contact with the product are made of 316 L Stainless-Steel.

Remote Connectivity

The machine can be connected remotely by allowing access through the system via built-in modem.

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