The Thermo CRUNX is designed as a Liquefying Machine for IQF & Frozen Fruits and Vegetables.  Utilizing the patented Thermopulse from Bertocchi, the Thermo CRUNX is designed for crunching, dosing, and partially liquefying a frozen product that can then be transferred for extraction.  The liquefying can happen in a matter of seconds and partially defrosts the fruits & vegetables by utilizing the thermal exchange with the Thermopulse without adding Steam directly into the products.  The Thermo CRUNX is designed to handle loose IQF, IQF Blocks, Frozen Purees in Boxes, Drums, and totes.  The Liquefied frozen fruit/vegetable puree, then can be used downstream for Extraction, Refining, Blending or additional Thermal Treatment.  The Thermo CRUNX can handle up to 6 tons per hour and can also be built CIP Ready. The Thermo CRUNX can be equipped with a dumper for both Totes & Drums.

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