For nearly 30 years VR Food Equipment has partnered with Bertocchi srl. to support the North American market with the best technology for Cold Extraction of fruit and vegetables to produce puree or pulpy liquids that can be used to make jams, concentrates, juices, and more. The Bertocchi CX Series first introduced the patented Rotopulse design that creates a puree without the use of preheating. This process applies to either cold or frozen input and results in a substantial improvement in quality, color, and taste.  Shortly after the Rotopulse design was introduced the ability to decelerate enzymatic activity through Cold Deaeration was offered and the Monoskid system was born.  The Monoskid combines the power of cold extraction with cold deaeration to produce a vibrant product ready for the next step of thermal treatment, filtration, and/or High Pressure Pasteurization ( HPP ).  High yields, vibrant color, and ease of use have been a feature of these systems since they were introduced.  VR Food Equipment has sold, serviced, and supported the installation of hundreds various Bertocchi models in North America.  Today the Bertocchi systems have evolved to offer units suitable from the smallest boutique producers to the largest producers in the marketplace.  Check out information on all Bertocchi models on our website.