This model is used to carry out a mixture starting from a low viscosity product such as salt and sugar.

This type of dissolver consists of a centrifugal pump with a Ventur i system on the suction and a hopper above the venturi to add solid products to the pumped liquid. In this blender, the suction and venturi system are set horizontally.

A centrifugal pump sucks the fluid from the tank creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper. The product contained in the hopper is sucked in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing. Once the product is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes in order to secure a greater homogeneity, at this point it is transferred to the point of use by the same pump.

According to the Venturi systems, the fluid flows through a narrow section where the liquid speed increases instead of the pressure decreases due to the Energy conservation principle. The difference between the atmospheric pressure and internal value of the narrow section allows the powder suction and the mixing with the fluid.

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Extra Info

Model Product viscosity Dissolving speed Centrifugal pump flow rate Operating temperature Vacuum degree Maximum back pressure Power Dimensions Weight
DRS 100 CPS* 1000 kg/h* 10m3/h, head 10 m• From +2•c up to +so· c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 2.2 kW 600x1000 H950mm 84 kg
DRlO 100 CPS* 1300 kg/h* 16m\\\'/h, head 10 m• From +2\\\'C up to +so·c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 4kW 800x1200 H950mm 95 kg
DRlS 150 CPS* 2300 kg/h* 24m3/h, head 10 m• From +2•c up to +so· c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 5.5 kW 1000x800 H900 mm 110kg