For products with a high viscosity or where the lumps formation is easier the TMV series is the best solution.

In the blender design, it is possible to distinguish three parts or areas that define its build and operation. The top part consists of the hopper, solid-material area.

The middle part consists of the blender’s suction and where the liquid is introduced.

The bottom part consists of the mixing chamber where the liquid meets the powder and produces the mixture.


The operating system for the TMV Series is the Tri blender composed by a casing and a centrifugal pump impeller which are mounted vertically.

Thanks to the vertical suction directly from the hopper to the inlet of the pump and the tangential suction of the liquid causes the product to be mixed at the entrance of the pump.

The solution at this point is pushed by centrifugal force through a particular grid that has the purpose to atomize and mix the blend homogenously without clots of any kind.

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Extra Info

Model Product viscosity Dissolving speed Centrifugal pump flowrate Operating temperature Vacuum degree M aximum back pressure Power Dimensions Weight
TMV40 150 cps• 1400 kg/h* 35m3/h, head 10 m* From +2°C up to +80°c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 5.5kW 1100x600 H1050mm 152 kg
TMV70 150 CPS* 1400 kg/h* 35m3/ h, head 10 m• From +2•c up to +80°c -0,7 Bar* 0,5 Bar during dissolution 7.5 kW 830x600 HllOO mm 172 kg
TMV75 300 CPS* 2500 kg/h* 45m3/h, head 10 m• From +2•c up to +80°c -0,7 Bar* 0,5 Bar during dissolution 11 kW 830x600 Hll OOm m 212 kg
TMV751 800 CPS* 3500 kg/h• 55m3/ h, head 10 m• From +2°Cup to +80°C -0,7 Bar* 1,5 Bar during dissolution 15 kW 1260x1000 HllOOmm 250 kg
TMVl00 300 CPS* 7000 kg/h* 70m3/ h, head 10 m* From +2•c up to +8o·c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 18,5 kW 1180x800 H1250 mm 260 kg
TMV701 800 CPS* 1500 kg/h* 35m\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'/h, head 10 m* From +2•c up to +80°c -0,7 Bar• 0,5 Bar during dissolution 15 kW 1180x800 H1250 mm 260 kg
2.1  Powder injector
It is the injector inside the pipe between the hopper and dissolving chamber.
The aim of this injector is to keep separated the liquid and the powder until they enter the dissolving chamber. Furthermore, the injector has the function to avoid powder blocks formation with the water contact.
The meeting point between the liquid and powders takes place in the impeller in order to carry out a homogenous mixture.

There are 4 types of powder injector based on diameter:

The choice of what is the best injector depends on the product to be dissolved.
For high viscosity products, it is better to choose an injector with a small diameter in order to avoid powder blocks formation.

Common construction material:
Acetal resin (our standard), it resists up to 140°C temperature
Stainless steel AIS1304 or AISl316 (used when the possibility of chemical aggressions is very high) Teflon